How Guest Wi-Fi is reshaping retail stores


Mobile has changed the rules of the game for retail. Brick-and-mortar retailers no longer dominate the landscape as a result of the broad adoption of smart phones, tablets, and online shopping. Retailers are now left wondering how, and if, they can get back in the game. If they have a chance at succeeding, retailers must leverage the best of both physical and digital experiences in ways that offer value to consumers. Doing so will put retailers back on the offensive, and empower them to achieve significant growth.

Consumers are always online. This single fact challenges the very idea of offline. Online retail powerhouses, such as Amazon, are setting the bar very high for the physical retail experience.
The pressure on stores to a provide a better than online shopping experience is further compounded by the fact that online and mobile – are delivering consistently great operational and customer-facing results from product search, order fulfilment to post-purchase follow-up. While online and mobile channels are increasing their influence on in-store sales, stores must close the gap by combining the best shopper experience via deeper digital process and store intelligence related to both operations and customer engagement. In such a scenario, stores are responding with deeper assortments, integrated customer pricing and promotional messaging, location intelligence and improved omnichannel order-fulfilment capabilities.

Consumers are highly influenced by social media and expect the same personalized experience there are getting from online powerhouses. Amazon has reached its position in the market by getting the most out of customer data which it uses to personalize search results, deliver relevant product recommendations, as well as determining which marketing channels are most effective. It even uses customer data to assist with crucial fulfilment decisions. Now, more than ever, it is important for physical stores to use all of their resources to match, or even surpass, the bar set by Amazon.

Consumers are increasingly relying on Wi-Fi as part of their shopping experience. In turn, retailers who are not leveraging their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to engage with their customers are missing a great opportunity to stay relevant and meet their shopper’s expectations.

Retailers are increasingly adopting guest Wi-Fi to satisfy their customers’ expectations. However, although many businesses offer guest Wi-Fi, few are leveraging it as part of an omnichannel strategy. This paper explains why it is important for businesses to embrace Guest Wi-Fi to stay relevant, and what capabilities they should look for when selecting an advanced guest Wi-Fi platform. With it, retailers have a firm foundation for nurturing brand loyalty, increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining a better understanding of customers’ behaviors and preferences.

A white paper detailed the market trends in the retail sector will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Mr. Fellah, is a Senior Analyst and founder of Maravedis with 20-year experience in the wireless industry. He authored various landmark reports on Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G and technology trends in various industries including retail, restaurant and hospitality. He is regularly asked to speak at leading wireless and marketing events and to contribute to various influential portals and magazines such as RCR Wireless, 4G 360, Rethink Wireless, The Mobile Network, Telecom Reseller to name a few. He is a Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) and Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS).


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