Service Providers Can Leverage Guest Wi-Fi to win more love from SMBs and Enterprises


Guest Wi-Fi has become a necessity for both enterprises and businesses all of size and shapes. Small and medium businesses with physical locations serving consumer markets can engage with customers longer and trigger more purchases, if they offer guest Wi-Fi. On the other hand, enterprises have also to support BYOD (bring your own device) to both employees and visitors in order to keep them productive and satisfied.

Yet the most effective solutions for guest Wi-Fi go beyond basic connectivity to integrate guest Wi-Fi as part of business digital strategies including the integration with their CRM and data analytics to build a solid foundation for future business intelligence.

On the other side of the equation, the same guest Wi-Fi phenomenon provides the service providers with a unique opportunity to better serve their business customers including enterprises, and win the love back.

Guest Wi-Fi for Opening a New Dialog with Business Customers

Service providers are often challenged to offer their business customers something more than basic voice and data services. To retain and expand those relationships, service providers need to provide businesses with solutions that directly impact the relevance to these business end-users and the productivity of their staff.

Offering guest Wi-Fi in stores, restaurants, hotels, and any other bricks-and-mortar location helps businesses do both. The business can then leverage guest Wi-Fi immediately, and generate new revenue streams or reduce lost business without lengthy payback periods.

Helping Service Providers Retain and Expand Their Current Business Customer Base

The new guest Wi-Fi dialog not only revives lackluster client relationships, it also helps protect them. A business, whether big or small, wanting offer Wi-Fi to its end-customers will choose among available providers. If its service provider cannot offer a guest Wi-Fi solution, the business will subscribe to a service from another provider, thus compromising the service provider-business relationship. On the other hand, by offering a solution under their own brand with added business value, the service provider can remain the go-to, most relevant provider for its customer. Practical examples of added value in a guest Wi-Fi service include social media couponing, marketing services, the ability to create opt-in customer databases, branded portals, fast on-boarding, and even capturing “footfall” by counting the number of customers during operation using Wi-Fi presence. Delivering tiered program packages for customers’ specific needs is also increasingly important. Those can include 1 day passes, tiered connection speeds to preferred customers, etc.

Increased Opportunity to Expand the Customer Base

If the guest Wi-Fi solution provided by a service provider is also provided as an Over-The-Top (OTT) service, the SP can look further afield and move into new business accounts. Such an OTT service, as its name indicates, can be provided on top of an existing network infrastructure. If a business cannot get guest Wi-Fi from an existing supplier, a carrier offering the right OTT guest Wi-Fi service can meet the need.

Added Value in Guest Wi-Fi Services is a Major Differentiator

In some cases, guest Wi-Fi offerings only contain very limited functionality. They let businesses connect with their end-customers at the lowest level, but make little contribution to helping businesses better understand end-customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. Yet the right guest Wi-Fi service does exactly that, and helps any bricks-and-mortar B2C business become smarter about its customers and more responsive to them.

Retention, Expansion, Reinforcement: The Right Guest Wi-Fi Service Does It All

When the service provider is in control, its branded guest Wi-Fi service is fully supported by a world-class organization, and the service itself offers comprehensive and flexible added value, the SP can focus on providing “next-level” capabilities to its business customers. The more the provider helps its business clients in their own businesses, the stronger its relationships become. With the right Over-The-Top guest Wi-Fi capability, service providers hungry for new business can then develop new opportunities and start relationships with new accounts, while continuing to add business value relevant to enterprises and their end-customers across the board.


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Mr. Fellah, is a Senior Analyst and founder of Maravedis with 20-year experience in the wireless industry. He authored various landmark reports on Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G and technology trends in various industries including retail, restaurant and hospitality. He is regularly asked to speak at leading wireless and marketing events and to contribute to various influential portals and magazines such as RCR Wireless, 4G 360, Rethink Wireless, The Mobile Network, Telecom Reseller to name a few. He is a Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) and Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS).


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